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Jewellery Fake or Fortune Course | Premium
Valuation Course Series : 1-Day Course

This course has been designed and is delivered by an accredited professional Jewellery Valuer who is willing to share his expertise and trade secrets with you.


Jewellery Fake or Fortune |Premium 

If TV shows such as `Antiques Roadshow`  fascinate you this premium 1/2 day Jewellery course is the perfect interactive introduction to this world using your own jewellery pieces.

A course designed to be helpful to Jewellery buyers from  Jewellery Auction websites, Auction Houses or even recipients of inherited Jewellery items.

Jewellery Industry specialist consultant David is an accredited professional Jewellery Valuer and Auction House specialist with over 25 years’ experience and in this mini consultancy you will take part in his appraisal process of the Jewellery items of YOU bring.


You’ll discover more about your jewellery including the stylistic indicators used for establishing their date period, why and how hallmarks can help you when buying and the market value of your jewellery.


You will be introduced to the standard gemmology equipment and David demonstrates and narrates  use of  these to identify coloured gemstones and diamonds along with other markers as he demonstrates what he looks for to determine the authenticity of  the jewellery you bring which may be:

  • Fine or Contemporary Jewellery

  • Antique Jewellery

  • Vintage Jewellery

  • Costume Jewellery


This consultancy is both a fascinating overview of how the value, composition and age of Jewellery is determined and how and why Hallmarks are so important to the appraisal process.


This course will not make a jewellery expert of you in a day however your will discover many hints and tips from a Jewellery Appraisal and Auction House Valuation specialist to assist in your buying practises.


Of particular interest to anyone who wishes to understand the process for spotting fake jewellery. 

No previous experience is required to fully enjoy  this course.


This course may be tailored to a preference of only Silverware, or you may include Jewellery & Silverware.

Course Description
jewellery fake or fortune course  bespok


Minimum student requirement

YOU MUST bring at least 5-10 jewellery items for appraisal.

This course does not provide a formal valuation certificates for insurance.

Associated courses
Course Fee and Course Date

More information

About the Course Fee

This course is delivered by an accredited  Jewellery Valuation professional and expert and a large portion of the course fee quoted is paid to them and the course fee therefore reflects this expertise.

To offer excellent value courses to our clients 2 persons may attend for the course fee advised for this particular course.

​Vat is not applicable

What is the course date?

The course date is for you to decide, subject to tutor availability.

Course Location

This course takes place in a Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

You may ask for a quote for another location. Tutor travel expenses will apply.

Equipment & Materials

No equipment is required.

Each person attending may bring 5 items of Jewellery for appraisal.




How to Book

Decide which Auction House Location you prefer then "Make a Course Enquiry" and advise your details on the form provided.


Booking Information


Payment terms

Payment is required in advance by full payment or by installments via  by BACS  invoicing.


Booking Terms

  • Once you have booked a cancellation fee of £150 will be deducted from your refund,if you cancel your course up to and including 14 days prior to the start of the course day once your payment has been received.


  • Cancellations received within 14 days of the course date are not eligible for a refund, however you may rearrange your course for one other date if you wish. 


  • Should we need to cancel your course due to unforeseen circumstances we will refund your course fee in full.


If you haven't found the information you are looking for or you want to ask a question about a course please make an enquiry.


Or you may text  a question to Dawn on 07703 287640

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