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For Professionals, Beginners or Enthusiasts
Creative Professional Development : Any skill level

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course _Fine Jewellery Techniques_Diamon
  • You can obtain the secrets of a professional jewellery industry experts from a day or more private tuition course

  • You can benefit from tuition for our tutors who are all experienced Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Jewellers, Designers or Industry Specialists​ who want to share their skills with you.

  • You can benefit from training in a genuine trade environment. Your course tuition takes place in the tutor's own studio. Other options may be apply or may be available such as Online & Visiting Tutors.

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New Jewellery techniques, all skill levels on exclusive private tuition courses.

Be inspired by your tutor to create new jewellery design ranges or diversify existing ranges to attract different customer types.

Courses arranged to suit you.
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Help, guidance and trade tips from experienced Goldsmiths, Silversmiths & other Jewellery Industry specialists.
Take advantage of their specific experience to learn invaluable industry information, so that you can quickly refine your skills and develop your own jewellery designs much quicker.

Make an invaluable industry connection who you can rely on.
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Learning in your tutor's own studio will provide useful insight into the way they how they have set up and successfully use their own studio/workshop.
You can ask your tutor:
  • Who their trusted suppliers for materials and tools are.
  • Who they might recommend for industry services.
  • Who they might recommend for outsourcing skills, such as Stonesetting or CAD etc. (as applicable)

What is it really like to be a Jewellery Designer / Maker?

1 Day Course How to be a Jewellery Desig


1 Day Course | Private Tuition
How to be a jewellery designer_workshop_

 How to be a Jewellery Designer​

 Course Fee from £300

This specially designed one day course has been created to to help beginners try out being a Jewellery Designer for a day at a local professional jewellers workshop.


What We Do

The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company provides an enriched flexible professional standard training that has helped many Jewellers improve their skills to be more effective and successful in their business.

Since opening our doors in 2014, we’ve worked hard to expand our course, Tuition and Consultancy offering specifically to meet the needs of those working in all areas of the Jewellery Industry Community.

3 Reasons why our Jewellery Industry courses can help you




Jewellery workshop
YOU CHOOSE | What, when and where to learn.

YOUR WORK | We understand how important and individual your work is, that's why all jewellery courses are private tuition.

YOU | Get the tutor all to yourself. Ask questions relevant to your work, overcome technical issues, work on your own project, be inspired.

YOUR LEARNING | Your course content is tailored to create the best learning for you. This gives you the opportunity to ask for courses 

You get the opportunity to learn in context to your own work




TUTORS | Your tutor will only be an established highly skilled Goldsmith or Jewellery Industry specialist/professional.

TOGETHER |We work with a group of the nations finest industry experts willing to share their expertise and tips of the trade by teaching in their own workshop or studio.

INTRODUCING | Nick, (left image) is a Master Goldsmith based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. He has over 30 year's experience as a Diamond Mounter working in the Jewellery trade and he's also an experienced tutor. Nick is one of our group of tutors carefully selected by invitation only, who are available to teach you in their own studios in the UK.
And some tutors also teach 1:1 interactively live online. 

A wealth of knowledge waiting for you. 




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WHO | I'm Dawn Meaden-Johnson, this is my training company and I'm a Jeweller and Industry Training Consultant. 
WHY CHOOSE US?|It really matters to me that you receive a high quality professional learning experience whatever your skill level. Our Jewellery tutors are specially invited by me to work with you because they have demonstrated exceptional skill in their area of expertise. 

FUTURE PROOF | By developing and refining your work you can pushing your creative and technical boundaries and add value to your work, just doing this means you will be supporting other areas of our Industry and be contributing to the longevity of the UK jewellery Industry.  

PANEL OF EXPERTS| In addition to our group of national tutors, I  have invited some Industry  experts to form a Panel that I can call upon for technical back-up in specialist areas.

Discover More

Why Learn now

Have a look at this comprehensive list of courses that could help you refine, or change the creative direction of your work. Courses >

1-Day courses are our standard, we have extended tuition Diploma courses, but we can create courses of any duration to suit your Jewellery Business needs.

Did you know
We specialise in course development ask us about the content you need and we will create a course just for you/your business.


Personal Mentoring for Your Jewellery Business 
  • Ask about our Jewellery Business Mentoring Programmes.
  • How to start manufacturing jewellery small scale with a mentor guiding your process.
  • Learn about Branding, Costing, Pricing , Profitability and more
Mentoring: Make an appointment for a free introductory chat
(Via our Face Book page)


Discover helpful information
Get free resources, tips of the trade, read fascinating interviews and more.


Industry Bench Tips
Jewellery Business Tips


How to Futureproof your Jewellery Business

Tradition, Technology  & Innovation

Utilising new technology such as CAD (3D printing) along with Casting and combining this with traditional bench skills for commercial jewellery ranges is the best way to maximise profit potential. 
Embracing technology, even in part is crucial for safeguarding the future of our Jewellery Industry businesses.
We work with some of Britain's finest jewellery practitioners and industry specialists who can help guide you as take the step into new technologies, techniques or materials.
For those new to CAD or Rapid Prototyping via casting may be interested in our guided programme:
Get Started in Small Jewellery Manufacturing >

Adding value to your jewellery  work

Learning more from experienced Goldsmiths, Silversmiths or other Industry specialists;
  • Encourages excellent professional practice
  • Makes industry connections 
  • Has a positive impact on the growth of our jewellery industry.
Use all our experience and free advice to guide your professional and creative development (CPD).
Practical courses are all one-to-one tuition and take place in the trade studio of your tutor.

Getting the most out of your Business

At the bench your mind is focused purely on the creative aspect of your business, it doesn't give you much time to make plans for pushing your business forward, to reach more customers and optimise your potential for sales.
Getting help from an industry insider who is not a Jeweller competitor can help you realise;
  • Options for new designs or business decisions could create business opportunities for sales.
  • What your brand might be missing that could affect your potential for jewellery sales. 
Have you seen our Mentoring Programs?
  • 6 or 9 Month Jewellery Business Mentoring Programs
  • 2 Hour Essentials for Selling Mentoring Session?
  • How much does a course cost
    All course fees are calculated based on the tutor's daily trade rate, therefore the cost of your course depends on the individual course/tutor you select. Not all courses have course fee's published, this either because we need you to enquire so we can send you more information about the course or because the tutor has asked for their course fee not to be published on our website. Send an enquiry if you would like to receive a quote for a course you are interested in. Email:
  • When is the course date?
    All our courses are private tuition and therefore are arranged upon request. You may ask about a course date of preference of ask for some course date options for you to choose from and we will check the tutor's diary for their availability. If the tutor is not available on your chosen date they will advise their next available date to teach. All course dates are subject to tutor availability. Many tutors fit teaching around their trade practises.
  • How much are course materials?
    For a bespoke course you will be working on your own project regardless of the course you undertake, therefore it is not possible to determine beforehand the amount of precious metals/materials you may decide to use on the day. For some "Beginner" courses a small amount of basic materials will be included in the course fee, with extra available to purchase from the tutor if required. To give you the most amount of flexibility, you pay the tutor directly for the precious metals/materials you actually use or you may bring your own. If you do choose to bring some precious metals/materials with you, once you have booked your course you are provided with your tutors direct contact details so that you can contact them directly to obtain their advice about what precious materials you could bring to your course.
  • Why do you need to know where I am located?
    The majority of our courses take place in the studio's of our tutors around the UK and ideally we want to recommend the nearest tutor to where you live, who has the skills required to teach you what you want to learn. Your location helps us do this, otherwise as standard we will provide an course location for the nearest main concentration of tutors which is Birmingham Jewellery Quarter or Central London. Please bear in mind for some very specialised courses may have only one course location in the UK available. There are a few tutors in Scotland and Wales too.
  • Why do we ask for your mobile number?
    When we review your course request our jewellery training consultant may need quick clarification via a call to ensure we recommend the course or tutor most suitable for your training requirements.
  • Why is providing my Jewellery Website or Instagram account link helpful?
    Our priority is to provide a course tutor best suited to your course/training requirements. For complex course enquiries we may need to consult with a tutor to ask if or how their expertise will benefit you. If we provide a link to your jewellery work this can help them determine if they can provide tuition that will benefit you or ask you any additional questions. When we provide you with a course quotation this diligence means we have done our utmost to ensure the course tuition and tutor we offer will benefit you the most.

What People Say

Jess T | Jeweller

Hand Engraving Course

A big 5** rating for my course with Robert (tutor)  - he was fantastic ! Very encouraging and understanding of my struggles and super knowledgeable and inspiring! 

Thank you very much for existing- as it's so difficult to find this kind of training and I doubt I could have gained what I did in such a short space of time any other way.


I'm hoping to book a follow up course after a couple of months of practising so that says it all really! 

Justin | Jewellery Company
Visiting Tutor Stonesetting Short Course 

The course was great and Nigel (tutor) was brilliant! We're definitely going to get him down again next year if he is willing to come again.

I would rate it as Excellent.

We all got so much out of it and have a lot of work to do now to practice all the things we learnt. I am sure the expense will have been worth it. 


Also your communication and organisation was very good. I had contacted a few people about courses and you were by far the best organised and quick to reply. 


Thanks again and keep me posted on any more things you have to offer. 

Ask a 

  • CALL or TEXT |  Dawn on 07703 287640

Need assistance?

Speak to a Jewellery Training Consultant
Dawn Meaden-Johnson

I'm the Founder and Director of the Bespoke Jewellery Training Company and I'm a Contemporary Jeweller too.

Dawn Meaden-Johnson Director of The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company
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