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Introduction to Drawing Jewellery Designs 

2-Day Private Tuition Course Course

All tutors work are professional jewellers or are jewellery trade specialists who are willing to share their expertise and trade secrets with you.


Course Description

This course is an ideal introduction for Jewellery Makers who need to improve their drawing skills to make their Jewellery designs come alive on paper. 

  • Learn essential drawing techniques 

  • Easily communicate your design ideas to clients

  • Produce a body of jewellery design artwork for a portfolio.

Zoe Technical Drawing for Jewellery _ Refresher course at The Bespoke Jewellery Training C
Emerald ring - Drawing ZP.jpg
Gemstone drawings ML.jpg

Day One

The content of this day lays down the important foundations for the drawing techniques required to effectively create recognizable simple Jewellery design sketches.

  • Sketching techniques for critical shapes

  • The importance of perspective

  •  Basic shading techniques

  • Drawing reflective surfaces

  • Basics of using tinted paper & coloured pencils

  • How to create basic recognisable gemstone shapes

  • Task set for homework practise

At the beginning of your course, the tutor will firstly explain essential drawing methods via demonstrations and then, with step-by-step tutor guidance you will then complete some practical pencil sketches. These sketching tasks will provide important practical techniques for effective sketching of important shapes using perspective and shading to create simple shape combinations. Techniques for creating simple gemstone shapes will also be included.

There will also be a brief introduction and practice of using pencil on tinted paper and simple use of coloured pencils, more in-depth practice follows on day two

In between the course days/session the tutor will provide you with a small homework project to practise the techniques covered.


Day Two

The emphasis of this day/session course is to provide practical tips for enhancing your jewellery drawings as your practice becomes more detailed. Build your confidence and use techniques learned to practice creating jewellery illustrations.

  • Your design process overview / Practice issues arising

  • Confidence building

  • Light and shade

  • More complex shape combinations

  • Using colour

The first part of this course will be to review and discuss your practice drawings of simple forms set at the end of day of the previous course, which are not expected to be perfect, but as aid for the tutor see in which areas might need improvement.

 You will then take a little time to re-visit and through step-by-step guided practice of the techniques learn to build confidence and accuracy in your drawing techniques.

Your drawing practice during the course will indicate the beginnings of your design/drawing style, so that future collections of drawings can form a cohesive body of work suitable for a portfolio.

If you have some jewellery ideas you might like to discuss these with the tutor to ask if they might form part of your practice on the day.

MATERIALS |All course materials required will be advised by the tutor in advance of the course. You will need these to take part in the course.


For this course, tuition is delivered interactively via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

You join free at Zoom or Microsoft Teams and the tutor emails you a link to join your one-to-one course session just before the agreed start time.

  • You simply copy the meeting code provided in the link

  • Open Zoom or Microsoft Teams on your PC or Laptop

  • Click join meeting and paste your meeting code into the box provided.

 Course  Tutor Options

ONLINE & Yorkshire

Zoe Y

Professional Jeweller and Designer

Course Fee: Upon request 


Dave G

Goldsmith & Artist

Course Fee: Upon request

ONLINE & Essex

Mark L Jewellery Related Designer  & Artist

Course Fee: Upon request


Make a Course Enquiry


  • Advise your details on the form provided.
  • At this stage this is just an enquiry with no obligation to book. We understand you may need more information.

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Additional Information

What is the course date?

All private tuition courses are arranged upon request on a date to suit you, subject to tutor availability.

We will provides some course dates for you to choose from or you can ask about a course date of day of the week preference, subject to tutor availability.

About Materials

For the ONLINE course option materials required for tuition will be advised by the tutor in advance of the course. You will need to have these ready to take part in the course.

About the Course Fee

Courses are priced individually because the course fee is based upon the fee a tutor charges to take a day out their trade works to teach. 

Booking/Payment Information

Payment is required in advance and payments are handled safely and securely by BACS Bank Transfer invoicing (IBAN SWIFT or PayPal for International students).


Some courses are available to pay in instalments, whereby a non-refundable deposit is required to book your course date. Please ask for details if this is of interest to you.


Booking Information

  • Once you have booked a cancellation fee of *£95  will be deducted from your refund if you cancel your course up to and including 14 days prior to the start of the course once your payment has been received.


  • Cancellations received within 14 days of the course date are not eligible for a refund, however you may re-arrange your course for one other date if you wish. 


  • Should we need to cancel your course due to unforeseen circumstances we will refund your course fee in full.

IMPORTANT Travel and accommodation booked is not eligible for a refund/reimbursement, if you are worried about this we recommend you contact your own Insurer for advice.

* Amount is variable depending on the duration and type of the course.  When you enquire, out quote reply will provide the actual cancellation amount applicable, *£95 applies only to a standard one day course.


If you haven't found the information you are looking for or you want to ask a question about a course please make an enquiry.


Or you may text  a question to Dawn on 07703 287640

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