Introduction to Drawing Jewellery Designs 

All tutors work are professional jewellers or are jewellery trade specialists who are willing to share their expertise and trade secrets.


Course Description

This course is an ideal introduction for Jewellery Makers who need to improve their drawing skills to make their Jewellery designs come alive on paper. 

  • Learn essential drawing techniques 

  • Easily communicate your design ideas to clients

  • Produce a body of jewellery design artwork for a portfolio.


The tutor will show you the basics methods of specialist drawing techniques and you will obtain many hints and tips such as;

- Shading techniques

- Drawing reflective surfaces

- The importance of perspective

-  Simple  gemstone shapes

- Techniques for adding colour / using tinted paper.


This course is the perfect starting point perfect if you need to learn how to present your ideas in a professional confident manner using hand rendered drawing techniques.

To include more content & cover techniques in more depth, see below:

  2-Day How to Develop and Illustrate your Jewellery Designs  


Course Location
Tutors & Course Fee
Tutor Experience


Dave G

Course Fee: £295 GBP

Vat not applicable


Mark L

Course Fee: £295 GBP

Vat not applicable

Central London

Melanie E

Course Fee: Available upon request

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

Robert C

Course Fee: Available upon request

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COURSE |  2-Day How to Develop & Illustrate your Jewellery Designs

This intensive one-to-one tuition course has been specially created to give you an introduction to techniques for generating ideas for jewellery designs and obtain methods for converting a concept into a real idea via sketchbook design development.

The culmination of this course will concentrate on basic techniques for illustration of your developed designs so that you can easily communicate your Jewellery ideas into recognisable hand rendered Jewellery images.


Areas that can be covered in  this course are

  • Sketchbook practice

  • Developing concepts/jewellery design ideas from visual inspiration

  • Techniques for basic technical drawing in three views

  • Introducing colour to rendered designs with coloured pencils & white gouache paint highlights. 


Student Notes |

Students are required to bring arrive with a good selection and variety of images to the course. These can be magazine cut out or print outs that inspire them to work as these play an important part of the course practise.

Images/ printouts MUST be cut into rectangles or squares only (no outline collages).  Images will be used to cut and paste onto a board to use as critical visual reference material for learning design development techniques.

Materials | The tutor will  provide students with a small list of items that they will need to bring along to the course , which include items such has coloured pencils, mechanical pencil, paintbrushes, etc. The tutor will provide full details prior to the course.

2-day Design and Develop Jewellery Desig

Course Content Note|

 This is courses  content can be tailored specifically to meet your skill level and experience depending on what you particularly need to focus on. Before the course the tutor will contact you to discuss what you need to achieve and which techniques will best suit your requirements best, so that she can plan course content for you specifically.

Course Location
Tutors & Course Fee
Tutor Experience

Central London

Melanie E

Course Fee: Available upon request

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About Materials

The tutor will advise prior to the course which drawing materials you will need to bring with you. 

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