Online Course

How Jewellery is Designed & 3D Printed

A Journey for Creatives & Art Jewellers

- Tuition from an experienced CAD Jewellery Designer 

Online Convenient Learning|  3 Hours Private Tuition

A unique interactive course designed to enable makers to develop their creativity further by informing them of the possibilities that technology such as 3D printing could provide for their work.

Your 3 hour online journey is narrated and demonstrated by very experienced CAD Jewellery Designer and Maker Sebastien.


Learning how CAD technology is used to design and produce jewellery can open up a new world of exploration for Art Jewellers, Jewellery Makers and other Creatives.

3D printing can be a natural fit for Art Jewellers or Artists  who wish to embrace new technologies to transform their creative story into wearable art.

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to understand how jewellery is designed and made using CAD and 3D printing for manufacture.

Creating a narrative for work via technology is possible and exciting because 3D printing allows the use of many materials such as those below.

The emphasis of this course is to explain and demonstrate the potential for CAD technology for jewellery design and production.

  • Resin

  • Nylon

  • Carbon fibre composites ( ABS)

  • Conductive materials

  • Wax

  • Ceramics

  • Precious and non-precious metals

Many other materials can also be used and united by a maker depending on the printer to craft unique wearable art.

Course Agenda| 3 Hours Online Tuition

The online CAD course works through free software called TeamViewer. 

This allows you to see the tutor’s computer screen and allows the tutor to see your computer screen.


Through this system you’ll be able to hear the tutor and ask questions, throughout.

Students will need to download software onto their computer to allow the teaching to proceed.

See below for further information

Minimum Student requirement

  • During your 3 hour tuition session you will see design demonstrations via Matrix CAD Software, sculpture software called Sculptris and images.

  • Using CAD Designs and images, your tutor will narrate a storyline from beginning to end describing the design and production methodology for creating jewellery.  

  • Plenty of discussion will be encouraged about your individual ideas and their design potential using 3D printing alone or with jewellery technology.

  • During the course students will also work with the tutor create a very simple design with CAD in order to enhance their understanding of the technology.

 Tutor| Experienced CAD Rhino Contemporary Jeweller Sebastian guides your progress throughout. 
Course Description



If you prefer you can undertake this course face-to-face in tutor Sebastian's' Central London design studio.
Course content is the same as the online course described above.
Course Duration is 3 Hours
Course fee is the same as the online course.



You must have ALL of these requirements to proceed with this Online CAD course

1. You’ll need to download TeamViewer software onto your computer.            


2. Your computer MUST have a microphone connected


3. You’ll need to download the free 90 day trial version of CAD Matrix (or CAD Rhino if that is your preference) onto your computer. The tutor will provide a link to download all of the required CAD design computer software.

4. International students  – Please ensure your local time is compatible for learning with a tutor based in the UK. The 3 hour tuition sessions may fall at any time between 9.30am and 8.30pm (UK GMT) to suit, subject to tutor availability.

5. International students  – The course tuition is in English only.

You do not need any previous CAD Design experience to benefit from this course
Online Course or Face-to-Face course | Duration 3 Hours
- Session times to suit, subject to tutor availability
- Private tuition

Course Fee| £275

Additional information

What is the course date?

The course date is set by you, so that you can undertake a tuition session at your convenience.


All dates / times of course sessions are subject to tutor availability.

How to Book
1. Choose a your date

 Decide approximately when you might like your first course session to take place. (Subject to tutor availability)


2. Make a Course Enquiry

Advise your details on the form provided.


About the Course Fee

A large portion of the course fee is paid to the tutor, because, it’s their expertise and time that you are paying for.


IPayment is required in advanced by BACS invoice.

Vat is not applicable


If you haven't found the information you are looking for or you want to ask a question about a course please make an enquiry.


Or you may text  a question to Dawn on 07703 287640



t: 07703 287640

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An informal  Consultancy is available for Jewellery Designer Makers in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

Please email  Dawn Meaden-Johnson for information.




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