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  • Dawn Meaden-Johnson

Enterprising or Apathetic - How does your creative business rate?

When you are working hard in your creative businesses, generating designs, new product development or making for shows, exhibitions and clients, sometimes the non-creative business processes can be a distant thought, but they are absolutely essential.

Why does being Enterprising matter so much?

Learning about and allocating time for business enterprise activity is the foundation on which to build a successful creative business. Getting your business model right from the start will reap you the rewards later on.

Making your creativity pay and being professional and credible is critical for sustaining a successful business.

5 Essential Tips for Sustaining a Creative Business

Assuming you already have a great design concept or product ready to promote;

1. Make sure your professional profile (A) is convincing, appealing and credible before launching your business. This will be your platform from which to promote most of your business activity.

2. Set up all of your business model/financial procedures ready for action as soon as possible (B).

3. Undertake your research (C) and make any required product/price adjustments.

4. Plan and continuously review your activity (D) and be pro-active(B)

5. Be very determined.

A. Your professional profile

  • Website /Online presence

  • Brand Compatibility

B. Business

  • Business model/finance, sustain profit

  • Product strategy

  • Customer Service

  • Professional Creative Development

C. Research

  • Sales arenas / Competitors

  • Target client group

  • Suppliers

  • Product R&D

D. Planning / Time Management

  • Design & make/manufacture

  • Business strategy & goals

  • Retail seasonal demands

  • Social media & marketing

It is important to remember that several of the above sub categories are related to each other. They can influence the success or failure of each other .Eg; creating an impressive new line too late to take advantage of a seasonal retail opportunity could reduce your opportunity for profitability.

Not all of these factors are necessarily a priority every day.

But all should be considered at some time throughout each working year and an annual review is a good idea.

Being determined and business enterprise aware can have a positive impact on your creative business if you create the right environment for success.

Good luck with your creative endeavours,

Best wishes,

Dawn Meaden-Johnson

-Founder of The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company

-Jeweller / Silversmith

-Creative Business Development Consultant

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About the author

Dawn Meaden-Johnson has over 30 years’ experience working in customer facing Creative and Commercial Industries and in Further Education, including at Birmingham City University School of Jewellery, during which time she has worked extensively with external national and international clients.

Dawn is a creative business development consultant and the founder of The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company which provides national one-to-one practical tuition for Jewellers and business enterprise skills training and enterprise mentoring for young makers in the West Midlands.

A Silversmith graduate of Birmingham City University School of Jewellery, Dawn still creates jewellery under the brand which specialises in limited edition anodised aluminium jewellery with silver.

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