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Your Jewellery Project Name : Think Sales, Exposure & Credibility

June 17, 2018


Choosing a name for a Jewellery range or project name is much more important than you think if you want it to helpfully benefit the outcome you require, whether that be sales, exposure or credibility.


Making a project name work for you 


Personal Research or Design Project

A name has no importance other than to you in the moment - but what about the future? Your Exhibition pieces could be used in future to promote your skill and credibility as a maker.


Peer or Exhibition related project

A name should reflect the ethos of a particular project and you as a jeweller.


Sales Project/Item

A name should be easy for YOUR ideal clients to find it they search on the internet, and reflect the inspiration for piece or materials used.

A little bit of research on Google or Pinterest can helpfully provide some inspiration for product names. Be original and remember trademarks may apply to existing commercial names


Website Product Description

Make it relevant, short, search friendly. Help Google find your work.


Important points of note

  • Think about the purpose behind a sale ie Engagement; Wedding etc, could this helpfully influence your chosen name?

  • How easy is the name spell? If your name is too clever or witty your jewellery/brand may not be easily found.

  • Research - Make sure your chosen name is not the same as another jeweller’s project.

  • Think about Google & Social Media - Keep it interesting and concise.

Author:  Dawn Meaden-Johnson / Jeweller & Founder of The Bespoke Jewellery Training Co.


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