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  • Dawn Meaden-Johnson

Crowd Funding & The Art of Shouting Quietly

During my Expert Panelist Pete Mosley's extensive experience of working with creatives he has developed an understanding about the impact that shyness, introversion or lack of confidence can have on your ability to get out there and promote yourself.

He has written an new book " The Art of Shouting Quietly" for those who want to earn their living from the things they love to do – to believe in themselves enough to do so, and if necessary, overcome the doubters and obstacles in order to make the transition to creative self-employment.

He is using a process called Crowd Funding in order self publish this book, his second in the serices for Designer Makers, after "Make your Creativity Pay" which he published in 2011.

Crowd Funding is a brilliant way of raising funds for any kind of project, money is raised from a range of donation amounts from tiny to large pledged by anyone who loves your project and wants to support your endeavour to complete it. In this case Pete needs funds for the printing process, then he will sell the book via Amazon, he is using on-line Crowd Funding service Indiegogo to collect his donations.

I was happy to make a donation to such a very worthwhile project, anything that supports makers to realise their dreams should be available to every creative person. Creating is the easy bit, its the business bit "The Art of Shoutling Quietly" to promote yourself and your skill, the blowing your own trumpet which may of find so cringy and difficult.

Pete's total amount to realise in order to publish his invaluable book is quite small, so YOU can make a difference to someones else's creative dream if you donate.

Lovely book cover Designed by Sally Sheinman too.

Words/information on the project from Pete Mosley.

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