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One-to-One; A better way to learn?

Seeing a Jewellery Industry professional practise their expertise and skills in their workshop environment could give you the best possible learning experience. You get to see how they work, how their workshop is set up and which equipment they favour and you get the opportunity to obtain the Trade Tips of a professional Gold or Silversmith which is geared towards the development your work.

One-to-one training is all about you

You decide what you need to learn to develop or refine your work, you get to ask all the questions, therefore you are in control of the potential effectiveness the course content will be to your work as a Jeweller or Silversmith.

Ultimately you the guide the tutors by deciding what the course content needs to cover to fit the development needs of your work.

Developing your professional skills in an investment in your future, and although one-to-one courses can be a little more expensive, you do gain valuable time, and time is money... right? An intensive 1-day of one-to-one tuition can usually provide a similar training outcome to several days of a shared tutor workshop experience, in addition you are only absent from the demands of your business for one day.

Socially, a traditional short course could suit you better, but do we really have the time for that these days?

Goldsmith Paul Draper at his Bench

Paul is an award winning Goldsmith with 35 years extensive experience, he is a member of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths and he uses traditional hand skills and technology to produce very fine jewellery in Gold and Platinum.

Paul is part of the national team of expert tutors assembled by the Bespoke Jewellery Training Company, who is willing to share his extensive experience with other makers.



Do you have a useful jewellery trade tip, or snippet of information that you would like to share with makers?
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An informal  Consultancy is available for Jewellery Designer Makers in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

Please email  Dawn Meaden-Johnson for information.


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