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Face to Face | Why mentoring works

5 Reasons | Why face to face mentoring can be of real benefit to Jewellery Designer Makers.

1. Evolution |

Are you making the most of your business potential?

As a jewellery designer you will have developed a product style that suits your target client but you might be missing an opportunity for other sales. A mentor will look at your Jewellery products in a constructive way and help you determine if there could be additional ways to present some of your designs to appeal to alternative markets.

2. Re-inventing the wheel |

Why waste valuable time and effort making the same Jewellery business mistakes as everyone else when you can get some short cuts from someone with a little more experience.

3. Industry Connections |

Your studio location could mean your creative world seems small, but it has the potential to be bigger with the help of some else’s trade know-how. New connections can help your business grow, if you know where to find technical help, specialist suppliers or find out about industry events and opportunities from someone working in the same industry as you.

4. Emotive Reasoning |

Your emotional connection to your work can be very restrictive to your business potential, sometimes our love of the creative process means we are too close to recognise a small change could be of huge benefit. Can’t sell some pieces you love because the hours you put in making them have made you too attached? If this sounds familiar then a fresh pair of eyes can suggest positive ways for you to see new avenues for the development of your work and/or make research and development projects work for you too.

5. Me Myself and I |

It is very difficult for an individual to perceive how they are seen in the outside world, but in these social times brand awareness is critical .

You need to know if your business is attractive and customer friendly. A mentor can analyse what your visible impact is on customers and help you fine tune your on-line presence to harmonize with your business ambition.

An effective on-line presence is a very valuable foundation upon which to build your brand profile and increase your credibility as a Jewellery Designer Maker.

Interested in kick-starting your Jewellery business?

Mentoring Sessions| Up to 2 hours | Informal £88 & Formal £128 (Vat not applicable)

  • Up to 2 hours

  • Location: Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

  • Mentor Dawn Meaden-Johnson | About link

Make an Enquiry :

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