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  • Dawn Meaden-Johnson

Our clever little subconscious

I have realised I unconsciously store away inspiring or impactful visual delights and I have discovered how to tap into these as part of my two creative processes.

1.Musing: A moment of creative contemplation. I decide to design and let my my mind wander by its self without interruption or distraction, I find very first thing in the morning is the most productive time. Thinking without being constricted by potential technical issues whilst germinating an idea helps me loosely visualise a finished piece....I begin making when the image has clarity.

2.Making: Sitting at my bench an open box of unfinished prototypes. Seeing them with fresh eyes allows me to see what can be developed into something rather wonderful or wonderfully different to the original concept and I'll set to immediately designing and making in the moment....I find in this process creates my best pieces.

Where did the box of unfinished prototypes come from? Why the subconscious earlier musings I first described!

My latest piece, Lemoncello Brooch, a developed musing therefore a design original with a little help from my subconscious.

How do you approach design?

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