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  • Dawn Meaden-Johnson

Source of Inspiration?

Where does your source of inspiration come from?

Singapore Opera House_Pyramid Brooch 002.png

For me contemporary architecture is a rich source of three dimensional design. My interest is not just complete buildings but the fabric of the building too - the geometry, how different sections fit together, interesting light, shade and surface decoration.

The image of the brooch shown is example of a direct design influence being used in a recognisable but not exact way. However I also find it fascinating to develop ideas along a progressive design path whereby the resulting final piece can appear very far removed from the original source of inspiration.

For me, abstract designing like this doesn’t make the source a less an important part of the finished design, I’ll constantly refer back to the original source to determine what it was that evoked my interest originally and actively try to add that emotion to my finished pieces. I like that, designing in the abstract also forces me to be imaginative and push my technical ability to create entirely original work.

I believe being a designer is about working the idea to create wholly original work, regardless of how the source of inspiration is used – what do you think?

Being inspired but without technical know-how to make your designs ideas come alive can be frustrating. Investing in yourself should be a priority if it can generate a new ways to develop your work.

Think about how much you could learn on a one-to-one course and how those few hours could inspire you. Find out more by emailing me to make a general course enquiry.

Best wishes,

Dawn Meaden-Johnson


Singapore Opera House

Brooch by Dawn Meaden-Johnson

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