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What is a Gravermax?

June 4, 2015


The useful bit of kit is used by hand engravers and stonesetters to take the strain out of working metal by force of hand. 


I have had a go myself and can best describe it an electronic graver or pusher that is connected by flexible wire like a flex-shaft to a control box. The box sends very fast (Aprox 400-8000 strokes per minute) controllable light smooth pulses to the Graver or Pusher tool via an air pressure system which enables you to guide the tools smoothly on a stonesetting or engraving job.


Essentially you are still using hand skills because you are making the cuts or pushes yourself, you are just getting extra help with the physical aspect of these traditional techniques. Quite a lot of professionals in the jewellery trade now use a Gravermax to speed the job up and reduce the strain on their weary joints.


There are various attachments and extras to help you along with the job such a rotating vice, tool sharpeners or a microscope.


It’s not by any means a cheap piece of kit, but definitely a wish list item for Hand Engravers and Stonesetters. The Gravermax G8 is the basic model.


* More technical information at       


1-Day courses Introduction to Gavermax for Engraving or Stonesetting available  - email me for details.


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Image used by kind permission of  HS Walsh - Premium Jewellery Tools supplier / UK

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