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  • Dawn Meaden-Johnson

New Book: Tales from the Toolbox | Narrative Jewelry

I highly recommended this new book from Contemporary Goldsmith and curator Mark Fenn, who has been making narrative jewellery for over 30 years - published by Schiffer his book showcases jewelry from a wide range of exciting narrative Jewellers from students to luminaries of the Jewelry world.

A contemporary compendium offering a fascinating representation of the genre of narrative jewelry, designed to evoke a range of thoughts and feelings

Featuring 450 full colour photo's capturing Jewelry with a story to tell, this thought provoking books asks us to consider;

- What story does the jewelry we own desire or tell?

- Why are we attracted to some pieces, but repelled by others?

- Do you have a piece of jewelry that offers a story?

The answers to these questions unfold as the narrative of this beautiful book enfolds.

A fascinating book for anyone who wears, collects or has a interest in Jewelry or Design.

Foreword by eminent contemporary narrative jewelry expert Professor Jack Cunningham PhD, with text contributions from artists Jo Pond and Dauvit Alexander.

  • Available from 28th October 2017 Buy here


Mark Fenn is also a Jewellery tutor working with us at The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company.

if you are interested in learning more about narrative jewelry from Mark or you would like to learn jewellery making techniques at Mark's Carmarthen workshop please get in touch.

You may of course also get in touch if you are interested in Mark creating a beautiful bespoke piece of jewelry for you.

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