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  • Dawn Meaden-Johnson

New Year | Moving forward Creatively

What next?

This is an overwhelming question for many Jewellers and Creatives at the beginning of a New Year. Taking a small step into learning a new practical or business skill can have a big impact on your motivation and be a great non-scary jump start for you and your Jewellery business.

Lots of exciting aspirations, can lead to procrastination, hesitation or anxiety, in this situation ask yourself;

" What do I need or would I love to learn? "

- New skills are definitely a pathway towards new designs.

- Getting new techniques provides motivation and skills essential for business development.

- Anything from a three hour mini course to a intensive foundation course gets you started.

- Taking a small step into learning is better than thinking or doing nothing at all.

10 ideas for jump starting Jewellery business

1. Cad Jewellery Design

A route to faster repeatable production and it has the potential to increase your profit on best-selling commercial lines. If you don't have time or the inclination to learn CAD take a mini course about it so that your understanding improves and outsourcing gives you the outcome you want.

Online 1:1 interactive tuition also available | In-studio post Covid

2. Drawing & Design

Improving your communication skills for commission work will help address customer expectations, reduce returns and has the potential to increase customer loyalty.

Design: Self-taught? Could you do with some really clever techniques for generating unique designs and recognising trends?

Drawing: Obtain some essential techniques for sketching and/or drawing Jewellery designs

Online 1:1 interactive tuition also available | In-studio post Covid

3. Gemstones/Gemmology

More knowledge potentially means more design, buying and selling power.

Product knowledge is key to up selling to customers - What do they need to hear to persuade them to buy; colour, value/rarity, story/meaning, history and origin?

Could you be missing out on some amazing future stone choices for your jewellery designs?

Industry Accreditation: Do you need to achieve a professional Gem-A qualification?

Selected online 1:1 interactive tuition available | In-studio post Covid

4. Stonesetting

Learning stonesetting style techniques will give you more flexibility in your working practices and design development choices. Adding Gemstones to your designs can increase perceived value offering options for increasing your price point and profit.

Online 1:1 interactive tuition available *Spring 2021| In-studio post Covid

5. Wax Carving

Learning Wax Carving can be a revelation to those perfectionists or those who love the idea of intricate or sculptural fine detail in their designs and it also gives you a route into small jewellery production via casting.

Online 1:1 interactive tuition available *Spring 2021|In-studio post Covid

6. Polishing

Learning Polishing techniques really help you improve the quality of your finish and it can offer a variety of different professional finishes. If you have a lucrative design that sells, why not offer this in a different finish?

In-studio post Covid

7. Other Practical Bench Skills

Can help you sort out that technical issue that saps the time and profit out of a design that sells. One-to-one tuition from a very experienced Jewellery Industry professional will get straight to the heart of the problem and help you find an effective solution.

Find a way to add a little more value so that you can increase your price point and profit.

Learn about new equipment or technology.

In-studio post Covid

8. Business & Customers

Be more effective and social media savvy by improving your understanding of customers and pricing strategies. Improving your business credibility and visibility online can help you attract and retain ideal clients and improve your chance of sales.

Online 1:1 interactive tuition available | In-studio post Covid

9. Addicted to Jewellery

Immerse yourself fully and learn more about the history or science of Jewellery

Online 1:1 interactive tuition available

10. Blog - Read up | Free resources for Jewellers alert!

Check out our quick read blog posts to get a wide variety of tips for Jewellers.

From practical shortcuts and mini business strategies, to interviews and Jewellery book recommendations.

* Online Courses in development, launch date is estimated.


BLOG - About the author

Dawn Meaden-Johnson is the Director and Founder of The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company. She has 25 years’ experience working in the Jewellery Industry including at Signet Retail Jewellers and almost 10 Years at Birmingham City University School of Jewellery during which time she has worked extensively with national and international clients whilst managing their Short Course Programme.

A graduate Silversmith of Birmingham School of Jewellery, Dawn still occasionally creates limited edition contemporary jewellery under the brand Dawnstorm, specialising in the use of anodised aluminium in jewellery.



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